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Plop   /plɑp/   Listen

(past & past part. plopped; pres. part. plopping)
Drop something with a plopping sound.
Drop with the sound of something falling into water.
Set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise.  Synonyms: flump, plank, plonk, plump, plump down, plunk, plunk down.  "He planked himself into the sofa"

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"Plop" Quotes from Famous Books

... only said, "Good evening, Sister," very politely, and passing her by with a wag of his enormous tail sank with a plop into the waters ...
— The Curious Book of Birds • Abbie Farwell Brown

... very swiftly here, for it was with the current. Suddenly Chess shut off the engine. The "plop" of the exhaust ceased. They drifted silently on the bosom of the ...
— Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence - The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands • Alice B. Emerson

... standing close to Flannagan (one of the men's horses), and the men were at stables. We were all looking up and longing to see a Hun aeroplane hit, when suddenly "s-s-s-swish, plop!" just behind me. It was one of the Archie shrapnel cases. It buried itself deep in the ground 3 yards from where we were standing. We dug it up, and I'll bring it home for you. If it isn't ...
— Letters to Helen - Impressions of an Artist on the Western Front • Keith Henderson

... a smile of understanding and took the path that led round the house. He followed it to the sunken cellar that had been built for a milkhouse. Noiselessly he tiptoed down the steps and into the dark room. The plop-plop of a churn dasher told him Juanita was here even before his eyes could make ...
— A Daughter of the Dons - A Story of New Mexico Today • William MacLeod Raine

... his little snuff box for Wells's seasoned hacking chestnut, the conqueror of forty. It was a mean thing to do; all the fellows said it was. And how cold and slimy the water had been! And a fellow had once seen a big rat jump plop into the scum. ...
— A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man • James Joyce

... pumped my very life up to her vitals, and lay over her quite exhausted whilst my champion seemed to swell still more inside its burning hot sheath, and when at length I withdrew, is was with quite an audible plop I like a tight ...
— Forbidden Fruit • Anonymous

... current, except in the centre, where, from time to time, bubbles appeared and disappeared, leaving just a trace of foam. They tossed pebbles in to judge the depth from the sound which ranged from the "splash" of the shallows to the gurgling "plop" of the deeps, and followed the pebbles with rocks, till at last the sluggish pool was stirred and furrowed with waves. And in the very midst of their sport a black hand appeared above the waters, and with a heavy roll the body itself floated ...
— In Search of the Okapi - A Story of Adventure in Central Africa • Ernest Glanville

... at a venture. A few of the bullets sang nastily close to the twelve huddled men and their canine leader. Once a German, not three yards away, screamed aloud and fell sprawling and kicking, as one such chance bullet found him. Above and behind, sounded the plop of star-shells sent up by the enemy in futile hope of penetrating the viscid fog. And everywhere was heard the shuffle ...
— Bruce • Albert Payson Terhune

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