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Psychological science   /sˌaɪkəlˈɑdʒɪkəl sˈaɪəns/   Listen
Psychological science

The science of mental life.  Synonym: psychology.

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"Psychological science" Quotes from Famous Books

... guidance of the later biological and psychological science, human nature will have to be restated in terms of habit; and in the restatement, this, in outline, appears to be the only assignable place and ground of these traits. These habits of life are of too pervading a character to be ascribed to the influence of a late or brief discipline. The ease ...
— The Theory of the Leisure Class • Thorstein Veblen

... that he had witnessed cases of 'clairvoyance,' 'lucidity,' vue a distance, in which the patient apparently beheld places and events remote in space. These things would now be explained by 'unconscious suggestion' in the more sceptical schools of psychological science. The Revolution interrupted scientific study in France to a great degree, but 'somnambulism' (the hypnotic sleep) and 'magnetism' were eagerly examined in Germany. Modern manuals, for some reason, are apt to overlook these German researches and speculations. ...
— The Making of Religion • Andrew Lang

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