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Regurgitate   /rˌɪgˈərdʒətˌeɪt/   Listen

Pour or rush back.
Feed through the beak by regurgitating previously swallowed food.
Repeat after memorization.  Synonym: reproduce.
Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.  Synonyms: barf, be sick, cast, cat, chuck, disgorge, honk, puke, purge, regorge, retch, sick, spew, spue, throw up, upchuck, vomit, vomit up.  "He purged continuously" , "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"

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"Regurgitate" Quotes from Famous Books

... down; balk; crawfish* [U.S.], crawl*; withdraw; rebound &c. 277; go back, come back, turn back, hark back, draw back, fall back, get back, put back, run back; lose ground; fall astern, drop astern; backwater, put about; backtrack, take the back track; veer round; double, wheel, countermarch; ebb, regurgitate; jib, shrink, shy. turn tail, turn round, turn upon one's heel, turn one's back upon; retrace one's steps, dance the back step; sound a retreat, beat a retreat; go home. Adj. receding &c. v.; retrograde, retrogressive; regressive, refluent[obs3], reflex, ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

... of tears less in sleep. From stimulation of their excretory duct. 2. Lacrymal sack is a gland. 3. Its uses. 4. Tears are secreted, when the nasal duct is stimulated. 5. Or when it is excited by sensation. 6. Or by volition. 7. The lacrymal sack can regurgitate its contents into the eye. 8. More tears are secreted by association with the irritation of the nasal duct of the lacrymal sack, than the puncta lacrymalia can imbibe. Of the gout in ...
— Zoonomia, Vol. I - Or, the Laws of Organic Life • Erasmus Darwin

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