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Saber   /sˈeɪbər/   Listen

(past & past part. sabered or sabred; pres. part. sabering or sabring)
Cut or injure with a saber.  Synonym: sabre.
Kill with a saber.  Synonym: sabre.

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"Saber" Quotes from Famous Books

... pushed open the rickety gate impatiently, and strode up the walk to "Page Hall" with jingling spurs and clanking saber. The rambling old house, with shutters askew, bore mute testimony to the fallen fortunes of its owner. The paint was peeling off the tall pillars, and the boards of the gallery shook ...
— The Lost Despatch • Natalie Sumner Lincoln

... are without a cow or two. The only furniture they have and need is a hammock and a cooking-pot. Plates, spoons, jugs, and basins they make of the bark of the 'totumo,' a tree which is found in every forest. A saber or a 'machete,' as they call it, is the only agricultural implement they use. The construction of their houses does not occupy them more than ...
— The History of Puerto Rico - From the Spanish Discovery to the American Occupation • R.A. Van Middeldyk

... beneath his touch the aged faces grow warm and tender, passing sweet. To look at them was rest. Their eyes were tender and brave. You remember they were old and feeble folk—young once, but long ago; but how noble the old man's face, scarred though it is with saber cut! To see him makes you valiant; and to see him longer, makes you valiant for goodness, ...
— A Hero and Some Other Folks • William A. Quayle

... who had constituted himself officer of transport, and brought up the rear on his superb bay mare. As he had promised us he would, he rode well armed, and the sight of his pistol holsters, the rifle protruding stock-first from a leather case, and his long Rajput saber probably accomplished more than merely keeping Turks in countenance; it prevented them from scattering and ...
— The Eye of Zeitoon • Talbot Mundy

... his lance-shaft and the city gate, some five or six had been slain in brawls and looting forays. And Juggut Khan was never known to discuss the matter. But the fact remains that every man of them was killed by the blade or point of a cavalry-saber, and that Juggut Khan broke ...
— Told in the East • Talbot Mundy

... the merchant in his arms, and having thrown him with his face on the ground, he lifted up his saber, in order ...
— The Arabian Nights Entertainments • Anonymous

... Thomas Jefferson beheld a thing to set his heritage of soldier blood dancing through his veins. Standing fair in the midst of the ax-and-shovel havoc and clearing a wide circle to right and left with the sweep of his old service cavalry saber, was the Major, coatless, hatless, cursing the invaders with mighty and corrosive soldier oaths, and crying them to come on, the unnumbered host of them against ...
— The Quickening • Francis Lynde

... fire. But, as he did not halt when he pulled trigger, his shot went wild. Before he could shoot again or bring his club into action. Brice was upon him. Gavin smote once and once only with the willowy metal strip. But he struck with all the dazzling speed of a trained saber fencer. ...
— Black Caesar's Clan • Albert Payson Terhune

... manage to conceal itself in open ground where there was nothing left for it to hide behind. When one is reading in bed, and lays his paper-knife down, he cannot find it again if it is smaller than a saber; that hat was as stubborn as any paper-knife could have been, and we finally had to give it up; but we found a fragment that had once belonged to an opera-glass, and by digging around and turning over the rocks we gradually collected all the lenses ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... life. Brilliant birds flew, screaming at their approach—noisy parrots and macaws; the gaucamaya, one flush of red and gold; a king vulture, raven black save for his scarlet crest. From the safe height of a saber, monkeys showered vituperations upon them. Once an iguana, great chameleon lizard, rose under foot and dashed for the nearest water; again a python wound its slow length across the path. Vegetation was equally gorgeous, always strange. He saw plants that ...
— The California Birthday Book • Various

... further from Cleggett than the wish ever to go into the Enterprise office again. As he left the elevator on the ground floor he stabbed the astonished elevator boy under the left arm with his cane as a bayonet, cut him harmlessly over the head with his cane as a saber, tossed him a dollar, and left the ...
— The Cruise of the Jasper B. • Don Marquis

... our chargers leap, The flashing saber blinds his eyes, And, ere he drives away his sleep And rushes ...
— Eighth Reader • James Baldwin

... men of the bush and the men of the north looked down at the brief history written in the mud—a story only a week old, yet ancient as human life itself—primitive man and ferocious brute destroying each other as in the prehistoric days when saber-toothed tiger and troglodyte hunted and slew for the right to live. And as it had been then, so it was now. The living read the tale of tragedy and passed on, leaving the bones behind them. Only, before they went, the Mayorunas threw the remnants ...
— The Pathless Trail • Arthur O. (Arthur Olney) Friel

... ha las sospechas. La muger que no vera no haze larga tela Quien a las hechas ha las sospechas. Todos los duelos con pan son buenos. El mozo por no saber, y el viejo por no poder dexan las cosas pierder. La hormiga quandose a de perder nasiente alas De los leales se hinchen los huespitales. Dos que se conoscan de lexos se saludan. Bien ayrna quien mal come. Por mejoria mi casa dexaria Hombre apercebido ...
— Bacon is Shake-Speare • Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence

... still tingling with the gruesomeness of all this, Lloyd was brought to Judge Hauteville's room in the Palais de Justice. He was told to sit down on a chair beside Maitre Pleindeaux. A patient secretary sat at his desk, a formidable guard stood before the door with a saber sword in his belt. Then ...
— Through the Wall • Cleveland Moffett

... of horses, a jingle of bit and spur and saber. The old man stepped to the side of the road and sat down on the stone parapet. It would be wiser now to wait till the dust settled. Half a dozen mounted officers trotted past. The peasant on the parapet instantly recognized one of the men. He saluted with a humbleness ...
— The Goose Girl • Harold MacGrath

... valid in the days when disobedience to the Head Man meant getting lost in a bog or eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. Today it is more than obsolete. It is among the most vicious sicknesses that have ever infected ...
— The Great Gray Plague • Raymond F. Jones

... manuscritos biblicos en aquellas dos lenguas[3], que son sin duda los mismos siete de que hace mencion en la Vida del Cardenal Cisneros, Alfonso de Castro, doctor teologo de la misma Universidad, i escritor contemporaneo o de poco tiempo despues, parte de los cuales manuscritos, es a saber, los caldeos, son de letra de Alfonso de Zamora, que es uno de los tres judios conversos editores de la Complutense."—Opusculos Gramatico-Satiricos del Dr. D. Antonio Puigblanch, ...
— Notes & Queries, No. 25. Saturday, April 20, 1850 • Various

... he leaped for the saber—his old saber which hung by the forge. "Myself, I will slay the traitor Jack-son before M'sieu' Jean dishonors himself! I, Blaise Lefort, will ...
— The Junior Classics • Various

... saber, and with glad heart beating fast; Not with cannon that had thundered till the bloody war was past; Not with voices that are shouting with the vim of victory's note; Not with armor gayly glistening, and with flags that proudly float; Not ...
— Farm Ballads • Will Carleton

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