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Sail through   /seɪl θru/   Listen
Sail through

Succeed at easily.  Synonyms: ace, breeze through, nail, pass with flying colors, sweep through.  "You will pass with flying colors" , "She nailed her astrophysics course"

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"Sail through" Quotes from Famous Books

... many advantages, both to commerce and science, may be also expected from the discovery of any northern passage for vessels by sea, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, be it enacted, That if any ship belonging to any of his majesty's subjects, or to his majesty, shall find out, and sail through, any passage by sea between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in any direction, or parallel of the northern hemisphere, to the northward of the 52 deg. of northern latitude, the owners of such ships, if belonging to any of his majesty's subjects, or the commander, ...
— A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 15 (of 18) • Robert Kerr

... first impact has a drab air that comes as a shock to those who sail through the sharp, green hills of the Narrows and see the hilly peninsula on which the town is built hanging graciously over the sparkling blue waters of one of the finest and greatest harbours in ...
— Westward with the Prince of Wales • W. Douglas Newton

... is murmuring on the shore, And wild sea-voices evermore Are sounding in my ear: I long to meet the eastern gale, And with a free and stretching sail Through virgin ...
— Leading Articles on Various Subjects • Hugh Miller

... know," grudgingly, for she could not bear Bertie to be at a disadvantage. "But I am sure it is quite miraculous how he managed the sail through that squall." ...
— Bluebell - A Novel • Mrs. George Croft Huddleston

... generally prosperous and peaceable; much alarm was excited, especially in Australia, India, and the Straits of Malacca, by the want of fortifications and ships of war for their protection. It was deemed possible that a Russian fleet might sail through the straits, from its Siberian rendezvous, and commit great ravages in India, and that Australia was still more open to attack. Great efforts were made by the colonists to place the colonies in a good defensive condition, and even to aid the parent ...
— The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. - From George III. to Victoria • E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

... servants. Gentleman and tradesman and laborer alike were welcome, for land was abundant and the colony's only need was men. Nor was prosperity yet strangled by the strict enforcement of the Navigation Acts. Dutch vessels continued to sail through the capes in defiance of England and to carry off the planters' tobacco. Not until the closing years of the Commonwealth period did the increasing freight rates and the decreasing price of tobacco indicate that the "Hollanders" were ...
— Virginia under the Stuarts 1607-1688 • Thomas J. Wertenbaker

... may quite naturally at any moment turn on spiritual things. There are families in which one feels that one must make a careful preparation for the introduction of a spiritual allusion: one does it with a sense of danger, much as one might sail through a channel strewn with mines. There are other families in which one has no hesitation in speaking of prayer, of sacraments, of spiritual actions, as things with which all are familiar in practice, and are as natural as food and ...
— Our Lady Saint Mary • J. G. H. Barry

... comes in, with much laughter insulting over their absurdities; for if these mixtures are through the whole, what should hinder but that, a leg being cut off and putrefied and cast into the sea and diffused, not only Antigonus's fleet (as Arcesilaus said) might sail through it, but also Xerxes's twelve hundred ships, together with the Grecians' three hundred galleys, might fight in it? For the progress will not henceforth fail, nor the lesser cease to be in the greater; or else the mixture will be at an end, ...
— Essays and Miscellanies - The Complete Works Volume 3 • Plutarch

... first not only to sail through the strait, but to cross the broad Pacific Ocean, which was so named by him on account of the quietness of its waters. Because he saw the fires built by the natives blazing on the islands along the south ...
— Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania • Jewett Castello Gilson

... they have soared dauntlessly aloft, only to add more names to the tragic list of those whose lives have been sacrificed in order that the groping hands of science may become sure, so that in time the sons of men may sail through the heavens as fearlessly as their fathers ...
— A Book of Myths • Jean Lang

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