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Savvy   /sˈævi/   Listen

(Written also savey)
Get the meaning of something.  Synonyms: apprehend, compass, comprehend, dig, get the picture, grasp, grok.

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"Savvy" Quotes from Famous Books

... Hamon, Idiot," said Pierre an hour afterwards, "we're going to leave Fort o' God and make for Rupert House. You've a dragging leg, you're gone in the savvy, you have to balance yourself with your hands as you waddle along, and you slobber when you talk; but you've got to cut away with us quick across the Beaver Plains, and Christ'll have to help you if we can't. That's what the Factor says, and that's ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... Savvy? The only way to get that ideal is to step in and take a hand. Make your ideal! A magazine must be fashioned to the reader's wants! The fact is our weapon, and believe me I'm beaning Mr. Bates a smacking good one with it. As I said, the magazine ...
— Astounding Stories, March, 1931 • Various

... like a settin' hen. I can feel the eggs under me, but how am I goin' to keep the skunks away when they smell the nest? I'm 'most tempted to turn everything I got over to some honest man an' let him han'le it. Some feller that had the savvy." ...
— Flowing Gold • Rex Beach

... a few things, my fine young fellow," he leered. "Burn the wind out o' here and start pronto, before yuh get a bullet through yuh. Savvy?" ...
— Kid Wolf of Texas - A Western Story • Ward M. Stevens

... conceive. It seems stupid Beyond all expression to have a "possession" whose "ownness" there's desperate doubt of, And which (if she's nous) you can't keep in your house, nor yet (if she's "savvy") keep out of! What is "Hymen's halter"? I fidget and falter! The Beaks seem to palter and fumble. In such a strange fashion, I fly in a passion, and vow that the world is a jumble. Law seems a wigged noodle, as tame as a poodle, the whole ...
— Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 100, May 23, 1891 • Various

... then he laughed maliciously. "But when you've been up here a while," he observed, "you'll savvy a lot of things that look kinder curious. If the old river would git up on its hind legs and walk, forty feet high, and stay there f'r a month, we cowmen would simply laugh ourselves to death. We don't give a dam' for supplies as long as it ...
— Hidden Water • Dane Coolidge

Words linked to "Savvy" :   get onto, comprehend, intuit, cotton on, hold, catch on, knowing, grasping, digest, appreciation, hindsight, figure, self-knowledge, apprehend, realisation, understand, get wise, get it, realization, latch on, comprehension, smattering, insight, tumble, brainwave, recognition, brainstorm, twig, compass, understanding

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