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Screw up   /skru əp/   Listen
Screw up

Make more intense.  Synonyms: heat up, hot up.
Make a mess of, destroy or ruin.  Synonyms: ball up, blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, flub, fluff, foul up, fuck up, fumble, louse up, mess up, mishandle, muck up, muff, spoil.  "The pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
Screw or turn higher.
Twist into a strained configuration.

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"Screw up" Quotes from Famous Books

... pathetic in her eager enjoyment, something so fresh and unspoiled in that laughter of hers that one felt drawn to her. When she forgot to narrow her eyes, or to furrow her forehead, or to screw up her mouth, she was almost attractive, despite her freckles! Her eyes, of an agaty gray-green, were transparently honest. She had brushed the untidy mop of red hair, parted it in the middle, and wore it in a thick bright plait, tied with a black ribbon. She wore a simple middy blouse and a well-made ...
— The Purple Heights • Marie Conway Oemler

... And I saw him screw up his bright eyes, and glance through the open windows into the outer darkness, as though there was still a hope in his mind that we had not come down alone. I formed the impression that Levy had returned by a fairly late train himself, for he was in morning dress, in dusty boots, and there was an ...
— Mr. Justice Raffles • E. W. Hornung

... and screw up that dwarf's hand, for it has become so loose that it costs a fortune for ...
— Entertainments for Home, Church and School • Frederica Seeger

... Chapel, by a clergyman named Phillips Brooks. This was before the time, let me say in passing, when his sermons at Harvard were attended by crowds of undergraduates. Well, I stood staring at the notice, debating whether I should go, trying to screw up my courage; for I recognized clearly that such a step, if it were to be of any value, must mean a distinct departure from my present mode of life; and I recall thinking with a certain revulsion that ...
— The Crossing • Winston Churchill

... said, "nothing will. But would you not despise a man who could not screw up his courage to face ...
— With Edged Tools • Henry Seton Merriman

... to himself: "Lord, but this is a lark! I'll have to take another Scotch to screw up the edge of my nerve. Won't the boys laugh when they hear how I stirred the girls' frizzes! We'll have a little party here when they all get home. ...
— The Man on the Box • Harold MacGrath

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