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Squeeze out   /skwiz aʊt/   Listen
Squeeze out

Force out.
Make by laborious and precarious means.  Synonym: eke out.
Extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing.  Synonym: wring out.
Obtain with difficulty.  Synonym: eke out.
Form or shape by forcing through an opening.  Synonym: extrude.
Cause to come out in a squirt.  Synonyms: eject, force out, squirt.

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"Squeeze out" Quotes from Famous Books

... the shoot? Are we to put up with immaturity for ever? It is high time for us to know what we shall gain from you. We want an estimate of the proportion of oil which the blindfold, mill-turning, unbiased critic can squeeze out of you." ...
— Glimpses of Bengal • Sir Rabindranath Tagore

... open out on Hugh Worthington, lay all the uncontested facts before him, and bring him to bay! I will soon squeeze out of him a fortune for you and also one for me. I only want twenty-five per cent. of the recovery. That will be a guarantee against my losing my place as railroad attorney. But old Hugh will never dare to "squeal." He wants ...
— The Midnight Passenger • Richard Henry Savage

... gone straight down the bluff afoot, through a rift in the rim-rock where it was possible to climb down into the fissure and squeeze out through a narrow opening to the bowlder-piled bluff. But that took almost as much time as he would consume in riding around, and so he galloped back to the grade and went down at a pace to break his neck and that of Keno as well if his ...
— Good Indian • B. M. Bower

... had put around his body, under his shirt, on the night on which he got it. The salt was saturated with water, and Sam's first impulse was to wring it out; but it occurred to him that the water he should squeeze out of it would be salt water, or in other words, that some of the salt would come away with the water and be lost. If he let it dry gradually, however, all the salt would remain, and he determined to let it dry, carrying it, with ...
— The Big Brother - A Story of Indian War • George Cary Eggleston

... method for making American Cheddar was established in Herkimer County, New York, in 1841 and has been rigidly maintained down to this day. Made with rennet and a bacterial "starter," the curd is cut and pressed to squeeze out all of the whey and then aged in cylindrical forms for a year ...
— The Complete Book of Cheese • Robert Carlton Brown

... aesthetic emotion and its immediate object. As to the existence of a remote object and its possible nature there have been innumerable theories, most, if not all, of which have been discredited. Though a few have been defended fiercely, they have never been allowed to squeeze out art completely: dogma has never succeeded in ousting religion. It has been realised always to some extent that the significance of art depends chiefly on the emotion it provokes, that works are more important than theories. Although attempts have been made ...
— Art • Clive Bell

... coming nearer—and I didn't know! I had to chance it. And it didn't creak a bit; it was far too solid and well-hung; and I couldn't have banged it if I tried, it was too heavy; and it fitted so close that I felt and heard the air squeeze out in my face. Every shred of light went out, except the streak underneath, and it brightened. How ...
— The Amateur Cracksman • E. W. Hornung

... to squeeze out of me who the other men involved were but I wouldn't tell. I could have had a neat little come back on Delany if I had chosen but I don't play the game that way and I reckon he knew it and banked on ...
— Wild Wings - A Romance of Youth • Margaret Rebecca Piper

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