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The act or process or arranging persons into classes or social strata.
The condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group.  Synonym: social stratification.
Forming or depositing in layers.
A layered configuration.
The placing of seeds in damp sand or sawdust or peat moss in order to preserve them or promote germination.

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"Stratification" Quotes from Famous Books

... shining, while the other four are much rougher, and are marked by lines which run parallel with the smooth sides. The coal readily splits along these lines, and the split surfaces thus formed are parallel with the smooth faces. In other words, there is a sort of rough and incomplete stratification in the lump of coal, as if it were a book, the leaves of which had ...
— Discourses - Biological and Geological Essays • Thomas H. Huxley

... itself the negation of class. Human beings are not equal in these qualities. But a society that is based upon a constant flux of individuals in the community, upon the basis of ability and character, is a moving virile mass; it is not a stratification of classes. Its inspiration is individual initiative. Its stimulus is competition. Its safeguard is education. Its greatest mentor is free speech and voluntary organization for public good. Its expression in legislation is ...
— Herbert Hoover - The Man and His Work • Vernon Kellogg

... spread more and more, leaving at length mere specks and patches of blue between them. Passing some high peaks, formed by the dislocation of the ice, we came to a place where the "neve" was rent by crevasses, on the walls of which the stratification, due to successive snowfalls, was thrown with great beauty and definition. Between two of these fissures our way now lay; the wall of one of them was hollowed out longitudinally midway down, thus forming a roof above and a ledge below, and from roof to ledge stretched a railing of cylindrical ...
— Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume VI • Various

... for objecting to class stratification of income which have heaped themselves up since the time of Jesus. In politics it defeats every form of government except that of a necessarily corrupt oligarchy. Democracy in the most democratic modern republics: Prance and the United States for example, ...
— Preface to Androcles and the Lion - On the Prospects of Christianity • George Bernard Shaw

... without success. Sedgwick's mode of instruction was admirable—he from time to time sent the pupil off on a line parallel to his own, "telling me to bring back specimens of the rocks and to mark the stratification on a map." ("L.L." I. page 57.) On his return to Shrewsbury, Darwin wrote to Henslow, "My trip with Sedgwick answered most perfectly," ("L.L." I. page 195.), and in the following year he wrote again from South America to the same friend, "Tell ...
— Darwin and Modern Science • A.C. Seward and Others

... mass. Sometimes this magma is condensed into a solid mass in the bladder by reason of the binding action of the mucus and other organic matter, and then forms a conglomerate stone of nearly uniform consistency and without stratification. ...
— Special Report on Diseases of the Horse • United States Department of Agriculture

... the nuts are viable and if those planted in the spring are properly stratified over winter. To find out just what effect spring and fall planting has on germination and to compare various methods of stratification, three seedlots were given the following treatments on November ...
— Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Thirty-Seventh Annual Report • Various

... German invasion was soon followed by more imposing additions. The repeated strategic devastations of the Rhenish Palatinate during the French and Spanish wars reduced the peasantry to beggary, and the medieval social stratification of Germany reduced them to virtual serfdom, from which America offered emancipation. Queen Anne invited the harassed peasants of this region to come to England, whence they could be transferred to America. Over thirty thousand took advantage of the opportunity ...
— Our Foreigners - A Chronicle of Americans in the Making • Samuel P. Orth

... SOUND, on the north-east side. Somewhat coarse reddish-white sandstone; like that of the coal formation, and some varieties of millstone grit. Fine-grained, reddish-grey quartzose sandstone, having the appearance of stratification, and resembling the rocks of ...
— Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia] [Volume 2 of 2] • Phillip Parker King

... which this pecuniary stratification of devoutness is due have already been indicated in a general way in speaking of class differences in habits of thought. Class differences as regards devoutness are but a special expression of a generic fact. The lax allegiance of the lower middle class, ...
— The Theory of the Leisure Class • Thorstein Veblen

... September, now described a crescent with the curve turned toward the terminus of the glacier, showing, contrary to the expectation of Agassiz, that the centre moved faster than the sides. The correspondence of the curve in the stratification with that of the line of stakes confirmed this result. The study of the stratification of the snow was a marked feature of the season's work, and Agassiz believed, as will be seen by a later letter, that he had established this fact of ...
— Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence • Louis Agassiz

... to recover the original narratives in their primal unity, these inconsistencies are guides as valuable as the fossils and stratification of the earth are to the geologist intent upon tracing the earth's past history. Guided by these variations and the distinctive peculiarities in vocabulary, literary style, point of view, religious conceptions, and purpose of each of the groups of ...
— The Origin & Permanent Value of the Old Testament • Charles Foster Kent

... apparent size with very moderate dimensions. All the known examples stand on raised platforms, adding materially to their dignity. Some are double temples, as at Hullabid (Fig. 228); others are triple in plan. Anoticeable feature of the style is the deeply cut stratification of the lower part of the temples, each band or stratum bearing a distinct frieze of animals, figures or ornament, carved with masterly skill. Pierced stone slabs filling the window openings ...
— A Text-Book of the History of Architecture - Seventh Edition, revised • Alfred D. F. Hamlin

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