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Ticker   /tˈɪkər/   Listen

The hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body.  Synonyms: heart, pump.
A small portable timepiece.  Synonym: watch.
A character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tape.  Synonym: stock ticker.

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"Ticker" Quotes from Famous Books

... crooked, round in form Thin and long, three-legged too, Here's a stork, and here's a 'ticker,' While here's a pair of snuffers too, Stork and ticker, snuffers too, Bottles, tipsy Michael with them. Bottles, tipsy Michael with them, Stork and ticker, snuffers too, Thin and long, three-legged too, Straight and crooked, ...
— Debts of Honor • Maurus Jokai

... hesitated before the idea of more Mounted Police about until he had completed his work; and they might be summoned any time by wire from the gravel pit at Mile 135, where a ticker had just been installed for the work of filling in the trestle. Also he paused before the indignity of calling in reinforcements to defeat a lot of blundering fools and cowards. Deep within him was the conviction that nothing more was required than his own ...
— The Return of Blue Pete • Luke Allan

... Jakie was making a lot of money in Wall Street and trying to drown his sorrows there. Kedzie was thrilled by his jargon of the market and he taught her how to read the confetti streamers that pour out of the ticker. Jakie confided to her ...
— We Can't Have Everything • Rupert Hughes

... exthracted,' he says. 'They'se nawthin' to break th' silence,' he says, 'but th' roarin' iv th' ocean,' he says; 'an' that sounds nat'ral,' he says, 'because 'tis almost like th' sound iv th' stock exchange,' he says. 'A man,' he says, 'that has th' ticker eye,' he says, 'or th' coupon thumb,' he says, 'is cured in no time,' he says. 'Come,' he says, 'fly with me,' he says. 'They'se nawthin' to keep ye here,' he says. 'Ivry wan iv th' cab'net, includin' th' Sicrety iv War, 'll stick to his place,' ...
— Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen • Finley Peter Dunne

... this time that Mr. Edison, now twenty-one years of age, invented an electric stock ticker for which he ...
— Modern Americans - A Biographical School Reader for the Upper Grades • Chester Sanford

... basket of ticker-tape. You see, Campbell, I drink; candor compels me to acknowledge that much. In a moment of folly I was indiscreet, and ever since I have been trying to apologize. I have borne garlands of roses, offers of devotion, plaintive invitations to dine, but—the Circuit is a trick theater and it has ...
— The Auction Block • Rex Beach

... he invented a stock ticker, and started a ticker service in Boston which had thirty or forty subscribers, and operated from a room ...
— Radio Boys Cronies • Wayne Whipple and S. F. Aaron

... yet, but people are throwing rolls of paper tape and handfuls of confetti out of upper-story windows. The wind catches the paper tape and carries it up and around in all kinds of fantastic snakes. Little kids keep scuttling under the barrier to grab handfuls of ticker tape that blow to the ground. Ben keeps one eye on the street and one ...
— It's like this, cat • Emily Neville

... in Wall street. A large room, furnished with severe simplicity. At the left a large table, with half a dozen chairs about it, and a "ticker" near the wall; at the right, a flat-topped desk and a ...
— The Machine • Upton Sinclair

... tenanted, gradually filled. Groups of men entered, stopped to glance at the tape of a sporting news ticker near the bar, exchanged a word or two with the bartenders, and then selected tables. Several times the two vacant chairs at the captain's table were on the point of being taken, but each time the prospective occupants ...
— Cap'n Dan's Daughter • Joseph C. Lincoln

... stocks on Wall Street. And we haven't any ticker to warn us to get under cover. Do you take cream in your coffee, ...
— Wyoming, a Story of the Outdoor West • William MacLeod Raine

... Ticker. A colloquial name for a stock or market report automatic printing telegraph, which prints its quotations and messages on a ...
— The Standard Electrical Dictionary - A Popular Dictionary of Words and Terms Used in the Practice - of Electrical Engineering • T. O'Conor Slone

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