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Tie down   /taɪ daʊn/   Listen
Tie down

Secure with or as if with ropes.  Synonyms: bind, tie up, truss.  "Tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed"
Restrain from independence by an obligation.

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"Tie down" Quotes from Famous Books

... bodies alight Perching upon my lips!—O yea, a dream, A dream of impious obscene Satan, this Monstrous frenzy of life, the Indian being! And there are men in the dream! What men are they? I've heard, naught relishes their brains so much As to tie down a man and tease his flesh Infamously, until a hundred pains Hound the desiring life out of his body, Filling his nerves with such a fearful zest That the soul overstrained shatters beneath it. Must I preach God to these murderous hearts? ...
— Georgian Poetry 1911-12 • Various

... not an adept with a "running iron"; he was honest, whatever men might say of him. But he knew how to tie down an animal, and he sacrificed part of his lariat to get the short rope he needed to tie their feet together. He worked fast—no telling what minute someone might come and catch him—and he did his work well, far better and neater ...
— The Ranch at the Wolverine • B. M. Bower

... 1/2" in front of the eye. Take a bunch of black skunk tail about the size of a match and bind it to the top of the hook, with tip ends towards the eye of the hook as in Diagram 7, Fig. 1. Next fold the hair forward and bind down tightly as in Fig. 2. Again fold the hair back and tie down as in {41} Fig. 3. Then again as in Fig. 4. Notice that each time the hair is folded back upon itself and tied down, that it forms a segment of the body, and that each segment increases in size, until your nymph looks ...
— How to Tie Flies • E. C. Gregg

... the same as chicken. Fill with plain bread stuffing or chestnut stuffing. Tie down the legs and rub entire surface with salt and let stand overnight. Next morning place in large drippings or roasting-pan on rack and spread breast, legs and wings with one-third cup of fat creamed and mixed with one-fourth cup of flour. Dredge bottom ...
— The International Jewish Cook Book • Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

... the card system have been much overrated, it would be as unwise to dispense with it as the complete official catalogue of the library, as it would be to tie down the public to its use, when there is a more excellent way, saving time and patience, and contributing to the ...
— A Book for All Readers • Ainsworth Rand Spofford

... I put only water and milk on my table, taking care to wrap up the bottles in white muslin and to tie down the stoppers. Then I rubbed my lips, my beard and my hands with pencil lead, ...
— Masterpieces of Mystery, Vol. 1 (of 4) - Ghost Stories • Various

... tell as how they burned out m' old man. Dunno, that theah's sure hard-scrabble ground; we never did make us a good crop on it. Maybe so, we'll try somewheah's else now. Sorta got me an itchin' foot. Maybe won't tie down ...
— Ride Proud, Rebel! • Andre Alice Norton

... mixed peel. Wash and pick the currants, wash and stone the raisins, peel, core, and quarter the apples, and cut up the mixed peel; then mince all up together, and add the chopped almonds. Melt the butter, mix it thoroughly with the fruit, fill it into one or more jars, cover with paper, and tie down tightly. ...
— The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book • Thomas R. Allinson

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