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Unfurl   /ənfˈərl/   Listen

Unroll, unfold, or spread out or be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out from a furled state.  Synonym: unroll.

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"Unfurl" Quotes from Famous Books

... her own, Begot of Freedom, bore our Western World: A poet, native as the dew impearl'd Upon her grass; a brother, thew and bone, To mountains wild, vast lakes and prairies lone; One, life and soul, akin to speech unfurl'd, And zeal of artisan, and song not curl'd In fronded forms, or petrified in tone. High latitudes of thought gave breath to him; The paps he suck'd ran not false shame for milk; No bastard he! but virile truth in limb And soul. A Titan mocking at the silk That bound the wings of song. A tongue ...
— Walt Whitman Yesterday and Today • Henry Eduard Legler

... knoll in the centre of the vale. Upon this little eminence the Marquis stood, supported on either side by men, for his health was infirm, and what we should now call a premature old age was fast approaching. The banner which it was his lot to unfurl displayed no motto, nor was there inscribed upon it the coffin and the crown which the vulgar notion in England assigned to it. It was simply a large banner of red silk, with a white space in the middle. The Marquis held the staff until the Manifesto of the Chevalier ...
— Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745 - Volume II. • Mrs. Thomson

... For the diamond bright and the yellow gold, For the river boat and the flying train, For the fleecy sail of the rolling main, For the velvet sponge and the glossy pearl, For the flag of peace which we now unfurl,— From the Gulf and the Lakes to the Oceans' banks,— Lord God of Hosts, we give ...
— The Sylvan Cabin - A Centenary Ode on the Birth of Lincoln and Other Verse • Edward Smyth Jones

... banners in haughty procession shall ride, On Jehovah's proud altars unfurl'd! While anthems and priests waft to heaven his praise, For the slaughter and wreck of ...
— The Adventures of Hugh Trevor • Thomas Holcroft

... glimmers of the storm, below the dark disorder of the clouds that extend and unfurl over the earth like evil spirits, they seem to see a great livid plain unrolled, which to their seeing is made of mud and water, while figures appear and fast fix themselves to the surface of it, all blinded and borne down with filth, like the dreadful castaways of ...
— Under Fire - The Story of a Squad • Henri Barbusse

... Unfurl'd to the northward and southward His wings broke the air, and to eastward His breast gave its iron; and God-ward Pierc'd the shrill voice of ...
— Old Spookses' Pass • Isabella Valancy Crawford

... and when, after an early breakfast, the little expedition set out, it consisted not only of the two Englishmen and Vilcamapata, but also of twenty Indians in two canoes, who were vastly astonished when, a fresh and favourable breeze happening to be blowing, they saw the white men step their mast, unfurl their sail, and go scudding upstream against the current at a speed which taxed their utmost energies to keep pace with. But the wind died away about noon, and then nothing would satisfy the Indians but that they must take the boat in tow, which they did, ...
— Two Gallant Sons of Devon - A Tale of the Days of Queen Bess • Harry Collingwood

... leaves and flowers which were already withering in the July sunshine. A finer Saint Pantaloon's day I never remember; the very sky seemed to share the city's gladness and was fair to see, in spotless blue. A light wind assuaged the waxing heat, and helped the flags and banners to unfurl: Our fine churches were decked all over and about with garlands, boughs, and banners, and meseemed were like happy brides awaiting their marriage in holiday array. The market-place was a scene of high festival, the beautiful fountain was a mighty bower of flowers, the triumphal arches, methought, ...
— Uarda • Georg Ebers

... However, it is hoped that this may prove one of the lines and precepts that are of some service to the cause. There is always need for those who are on the right side of any important question to unfurl their banners and show their colors bravely, but just now, in connection with the temperance movement in our Dominion, there is a very special call for action presented ...
— The Story of a Dark Plot - or Tyranny on the Frontier • A.L.O. C. and W.W. Smith

... describe all that came to pass there. At first it seemed that green things would never cease pushing their way through the earth, in the grass, in the beds, even in the crevices of the walls. Then the green things began to show buds and the buds began to unfurl and show color, every shade of blue, every shade of purple, every tint and hue of crimson. In its happy days flowers had been tucked away into every inch and hole and corner. Ben Weatherstaff had seen ...
— The Secret Garden • Frances Hodgson Burnett

... on until they came in sight of Ujiji. Then the order was given to "unfurl the flags and load the guns." Immediately the Stars and Stripes and the flag of Zanzibar were thrown to the breeze, and the report of fifty guns awakened the echoes. The noise startled the inhabitants of Ujiji. They came running ...
— Eclectic School Readings: Stories from Life • Orison Swett Marden

... father of my country, 'born in a land of liberty, my anxious recollections, my sympathetic feelings, and my best wishes, are irresistibly excited, whensoever, in any country, I see an oppressed nation unfurl the banners ...
— The World's Best Orations, Vol. 1 (of 10) • Various

... so high, the little squat railway engine, all seemed carved out of solid darkness. Here and there on a rounded wood-pile, that was like the stalk of a huge black mushroom, there hung a lantern, but it seemed afraid to unfurl its timid, quivering light in all that blackness; it burned ...
— The Garden Party • Katherine Mansfield

... Lahore, raise once more that wonderful banner of Advaita, for on no other ground can you have that all-embracing love, until you see that the same Lord is present in the same manner everywhere; unfurl that banner of love. "Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached." Arise, arise once more, for nothing can be done without renunciation. If you want to help others, your own little self must go.... At ...
— The Reconciliation of Races and Religions • Thomas Kelly Cheyne

... first Unfurl his bloody standard to the winds At Nottingham, since when peace hath not smil'd On all ...
— Cromwell • Alfred B. Richards

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