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Cause to become alive again.  Synonyms: raise, resurrect.  "Slavery is already dead, and cannot be resurrected" , "Upraising ghosts"

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"Upraise" Quotes from Famous Books

... and sophistication. The daintiest alternation of iambus and trochee is joined to the serpent's cunning in swiftly tripping dactyls. Probably this artifice is greatly unconscious, the meed of the trained musician; but let no singer think to upraise his voice before the Lord ere he master the axioms of prosody. Imagist ...
— Shandygaff • Christopher Morley

... will of My Father which is in Heaven, the same is My brother, and sister, and mother.' Equally honourable, equally dear, with that mother of His flesh whom you would fain upraise above all other women. And I am likewise disposed to think that word of Paul,—'Yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we Him no more'—I say, I am disposed to think this may have his reverse side. Though He hath known ...
— Clare Avery - A Story of the Spanish Armada • Emily Sarah Holt

... then, is what we can do. He who would pass out of this state, and upraise his spirit, in order to taste consolations denied him, will, in my opinion, lose both the one and the other. [3] These consolations being supernatural, and the understanding inactive, the soul is then left desolate and in great aridity. As the foundation of the whole building is humility, ...
— The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus • Teresa of Avila

... Ned might have "hailed" as a "brother")[1] Had just been proclaiming his Donkey's renown For vigor, for spirit, for one thing or other— When, lo! mid his praises the Donkey came down! But how to upraise him?—one shouts, t'other whistles, While Jenky, the Conjuror, wisest of all, Declared that an "over-production of thistles[2]— (Here Ned gave a stare)—was the cause of ...
— The Complete Poems of Sir Thomas Moore • Thomas Moore et al

... "Now, up!" cried stout HARCURTIUS, "Up! and we yet shall trap 'em! Kennington calls, and Hackney, with Fulham, too, and Clapham. I hear the cry of Chelsea, Islington North and West Raise wails that find an echo in this mail-covered breast. Bermondsey and Whitechapel upraise a piteous plaint: ('Wy don't our 'eroes wisit hus? We looks and there they ain't!') North Lambeth long neglected, and Wandsworth far South-West, (If I know where these places be I wish I may be blest!) Appeal ...
— Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 102, February 6, 1892 • Various

... effect of subterranean movements during the Tertiary Period seems to have consisted in the upheaval of hypogene formations of an age anterior to the Carboniferous. The repetition of another series of movements, of equal violence, might upraise the Plutonic and metamorphic rocks of many secondary periods; and, if the same force should still continue to act, the next convulsions might bring up to the day the TERTIARY and RECENT hypogene rocks. In the course of such changes many of the existing ...
— The Student's Elements of Geology • Sir Charles Lyell

... keep us through the common days, The level stretches white with dust, When thought is tired, and hands upraise Their burdens feebly since they must; In days of slowly fretting care Then most we need ...
— Leaves of Life - For Daily Inspiration • Margaret Bird Steinmetz

... give our meed of praise To those who would these isles upraise, Forget not him who planned all that— For it was Casey at ...
— Terry - A Tale of the Hill People • Charles Goff Thomson

... peace, A peace eternal, has not been proclaimed, Thy military might must still increase, Thy naval glory must not be defamed. But only when thine honour shall demand, Or injured right, upraise thy martial hand. ...
— The Song of the Exile—A Canadian Epic • Wilfred S. Skeats

... laughed: "Friend," said he, "we can thee mickle thanks for all that thou biddest us. And wot well that we be no lifters or sea-thieves to take thy livelihood from thee. So to-morrow, if thou wilt, we will go with thee and upraise the hunt, and meanwhile we will come aland, and walk on the green grass, and water our ship ...
— The Wood Beyond the World • William Morris

... Vizier, of his envy of Alaeddin, answered him, saying, "O King of the Age, indeed this palace and its building and all these riches may not be but by means of enchantment, for that no man among men, no, not the mightiest of them in dominion or the greatest in wealth, might avail to upraise and stablish [the like of] this building in one night." Quoth the Sultan, "I marvel at thee how thou still deemest evil of Alaeddin; but methinketh it ariseth from thine envy of him, for that thou wast present when he sought of me a place whereon to build a palace for ...
— Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp • John Payne

... and then, but not till then, come into the adjoining room and see the picture itself, see what Isis really is (according to the sublime idea of Philip Aylwin) when Faith and Love, the twin angels of all true art, upraise the veil.' ...
— Aylwin • Theodore Watts-Dunton

... rock! Gods of my birthplace, daemons and heroes, honor to all! Then I name thee, claim thee for our patron, coequal in praise —Aye, with Zeus the Defender, with Her of the aegis and spear! Also ye of the bow and the buskin, praised be your peer, 5 Now, henceforth and forever—O latest to whom I upraise Hand and heart and voice! For Athens, leave pasture and flock! Present to help, potent to save, ...
— Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning • Robert Browning

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