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Utterer   Listen

An organism that can utter vocal sounds.  Synonyms: vocaliser, vocalizer.  "Is the giraffe a vocalizer?"
Someone who circulates forged banknotes or counterfeit coins.
Someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous).  Synonyms: speaker, talker, verbaliser, verbalizer.  "An utterer of useful maxims"

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"Utterer" Quotes from Famous Books

... "a hasty word" can place its utterer or its victim in the power of the Evil One (not only after death, but also during this life) has given rise to numerous Russian legends, and as it still exists, to some extent, as a living faith in the minds ...
— Russian Fairy Tales - A Choice Collection of Muscovite Folk-lore • W. R. S. Ralston

... his shoulders, and with a smile bowed to the ravishing utterer of last words on the most baffling of subjects. This fluttered person soon perceived that she had been mistaken in supposing that the room was full. The clanging sound kept recurring, the dog kept barking, and new guests continually poured into the room, thereby proving that it was not full. ...
— The Lion's Share • E. Arnold Bennett

Words linked to "Utterer" :   enquirer, ejaculator, caller, prater, vocalizer, rhetorician, speechifier, conversationalist, conversationist, public speaker, babbler, spouter, vociferator, ranter, mentioner, mutterer, talker, slicker, stutterer, utter, jabberer, whisperer, verbalizer, telephoner, questioner, witness, inquirer, stentor, teller, beguiler, vocaliser, speechmaker, verbaliser, chatterbox, storyteller, cheater, trickster, reciter, murmurer, motormouth, asker, speaker, cheat, talking head, native speaker, growler, wailer, lisper, deceiver, schmoozer, venter, prattler, chatterer, mumbler, being, orator, narrator, querier, caller-up, driveller, drawler, voicer, alliterator, stammerer, informant, articulator, magpie, witnesser, organism, phoner, dictator, raver, lecturer

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