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Waster   /wˈeɪstər/   Listen

Someone who dissipates resources self-indulgently.  Synonym: wastrel.
A person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to.  Synonyms: destroyer, ruiner, undoer, uprooter.  "Jealousy was his undoer" , "Uprooters of gravestones"

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"Waster" Quotes from Famous Books

... so far as having any more pretty dreams to paint is concerned. (Grinning at himself.) Wonder why I have become such a waster, Alice? ...
— Dear Brutus • J. M. Barrie

... come lugging greyhound and hound, And carry the weight, I dare say, of twenty pound, And to help his hunger purchase grace and favour, And now to be shut out fasting for my labour! By my faith, I may say I serve a good master, Nay, nay, I serve an ill husband and a waster. That neither profit regardeth nor honesty, What marvel I then, if he pass so light on me? But, Esau, now that ye have sold your birthright, I commend me to you, and God give you good night. And let a friend tell him his fau't at any time, Ye shall hear him chafe ...
— A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. II • Robert Dodsley

... surf on the shingle. If I ventured out in it I should be tossed hither and thither and broken on the rocks, and I should perish. I prefer to stand aloof and watch. If I had a little more of daring in my nature I might achieve something. I am afraid I am but a waster in the world's factory; but kind Fate, instead of pitching me on the rubbish-heap, has preserved me, perhaps has set me under a glass case, in her own museum, as a curiosity. Well, I am happy ...
— The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne • William J. Locke

... matinee at the Lyric, and he's taking us there," she added. "But, dear," she went on, "you look ever so pale! What is worrying you? I hope you are not fretting over that good-for-nothing waster, Henfrey! Personally, I'm glad to be rid of a fellow who is wanted by the police for a very serious crime. Do brighten up, dear. This is ...
— Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo • William Le Queux

... pay for a meal for a handful of people. He was mistaken; that was all, and the incident had no importance, for a few pounds more or less could not matter in the least to a gentleman of his income. Yet he felt guilty of being a waster. He could not accustom himself to the scale of expenditure. Barely in the old days could he have earned in a week the price of the repast consumed now in an hour. The vast apartment was packed with people ...
— Mr. Prohack • E. Arnold Bennett

... the lake and Mont Blanc, together with the Alpine range, is never to be forgotten by one who has the good fortune to see it. I feel that I am acquiring new emotions and gathering up new sources of thought in this journey, and that I cannot be a trifler and waster away of life in such a world as that I live in. I find in every place so much to read about, and study over, and think upon, that I now feel as if life itself would not be long enough to do all I should ...
— Young Americans Abroad - Vacation in Europe: Travels in England, France, Holland, - Belgium, Prussia and Switzerland • Various

... the custodian replied haughtily. "Well, the next day there was a ice-cream man—a reg'lar waster, he was. Stuck outside as if he was froze to the pavement. Kept giving the errand-boys tasters, and when I tried to move him on, he told me not to obstruct his business. Business, indeed! Well, there them boys stuck, one after the other, wiping their tongues round the bottoms of them ...
— John Thorndyke's Cases • R. Austin Freeman

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