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Wear upon   /wɛr əpˈɑn/   Listen
Wear upon

Exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress.  Synonyms: fag, fag out, fatigue, jade, outwear, tire, tire out, wear, wear down, wear out, weary.

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"Wear upon" Quotes from Famous Books

... large enough, one would suppose, to occupy all her attention. But even with the care of her kittens on her mind, Mouser would not forsake her old friend. For a time, her distress and anxiety were so great, running here and there fifty times in a day, that it really began to wear upon her health, when an expedient happily was ...
— Minnie's Pet Cat • Madeline Leslie

... a change in those he knew, he saw that her form was not quite so full, nor her cheeks so round; but she was weary with the voyage, she said, and knowing how seasickness will wear upon one's strength, Morris imputed it wholly to that, and believed she was, as she professed ...
— Family Pride - Or, Purified by Suffering • Mary J. Holmes

... of Mr. Badman, is to wear upon his Hearse the Badges of a dishonourable and wicked life; since his bones are full of the sins of his Youth, which shall lye down, as Job sayes, in the dust with him: nor is it fit that any should be his Attendants, now at his death, but such as with him conspired against their own souls in ...
— The Life and Death of Mr. Badman • John Bunyan

... Christ has left to be His symbol in the world, that we put upon our churches, what we wear upon our hearts, that stands forth so perpetually us the symbol of Christ's life? Is it a throne from which a ruler utters his decrees? Is it a mountain top upon which some rapt seer sits, communing with himself and with the voices ...
— Addresses • Phillips Brooks

... very mournfully, the fate of her Lyons silk; and protested she had rather have parted with all the rest of her wardrobe, because it was the first gown she had bought to wear upon leaving off her weeds. She has a very bad cold, and Monsieur Du Bois is so hoarse, he can ...
— Evelina • Fanny Burney

... begged me to confide in her, and I felt bound to comply. While the dear girl was gone to my sister's room, I sought the physician, with whom I had a brief but explicit conference. I told this gentleman how much Grace had been alone, permitting sorrow to wear upon her frame, and gave him to understand that the seat of my sister's malady was mental suffering. Post was a cool, discriminating man, and he ventured no remark until he had seen his patient; though I could perceive, by the keen manner in which his piercing eye was fixed on ...
— Afloat And Ashore • James Fenimore Cooper

... Way, lady, my lady, Walking on the King's Way, will you go in red? With a silken wimple, and a ruby on your finger, And a furry mantle trailing where you tread? Neither red nor ruby I'll wear upon the King's Way; I will go in duffle grey ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, March 22, 1916 • Various

... wide latitude in their choice of colors. At first, widows wore a dress distinctive not only in color but in cut, yet eventually they were to be distinguished by only a small head-dress of black crape. Young women were much given to curling their hair, and at the same time it was the fashion to wear upon the forehead a cluster of blond curls, a petite perruque, which, in the words of an old chronicler, Rinuccini, "is very unbecoming to those whose hair happens to be of another color." From the same authority is derived the following information concerning ...
— Women of the Romance Countries • John R. Effinger

... disposed on the railing so that they would not injure Miss Maria's Madeira-vine, "I tell you, sir, that there are two things I crave with all my power of craving—two goals I fain would reach, two diadems I would wear upon my brow. One of these is to kill an eagle—or some large bird—with a shaft from my good bow. I would then have it stuffed and mounted, with the very arrow that killed it still sticking in its breast. This trophy of my skill I would have fastened against the wall of my room or my hall, and ...
— The Magic Egg and Other Stories • Frank Stockton

... window, Edith, fresh as the morning, had come into the garden and was gathering flowers. I hastened to descend to her. Kneeling before her, with my face in the dust, I confessed with tears how little was my worth to breathe the air of this golden century, and how infinitely less to wear upon my breast its consummate flower. Fortunate is he who, with a case so desperate as mine, finds ...
— Looking Backward - 2000-1887 • Edward Bellamy

... his relation to Alice was not so easily settled. She had come to irritate him now. Her changeable, swift-witted, moody, hysterical invalidism had begun to wear upon him intolerably. Everything she did was wrong. It was brutal even to admit this, but he could no longer conceal it either from himself or from her. It was deeply, sadly painful to recall the promise, the complete confidence and happiness with which they had both started towards the West. How sure ...
— Money Magic - A Novel • Hamlin Garland

... behaviour of an English lord, who is content merely to keep and wear upon his doublet the glove of a lady ...
— The Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. V. (of V.) • Margaret, Queen Of Navarre

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