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Zip   /zɪp/   Listen

Close with a zipper.  Synonyms: zip up, zipper.
Move very fast.  Synonyms: hurry, speed, travel rapidly.

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"Zip" Quotes from Famous Books

... they run over, and you must groan and scream. Marjorie, you're the speed limit, and you must cry, 'Whiz! Zip!! Whizz!!!' Gladys, you're the dust. All you have to do is to fly about and wave your arms and hands, and sneeze. Rosy Posy, baby, you're the horn. Whenever father says horn, you must ...
— Marjorie's Busy Days • Carolyn Wells

... 'imself. Happen you'll larn ter do likewise. Two chaps who were 'ere larst thought they'd be a bit smarty like, and told 'im they were goin' ter tell all they knew—though God knows what it was! I ain't been able to learn much, and haven't tried neither. But they went—zip! like that! Never saw 'em no more, and nothin' come of it.... Best to keep your mouth shut, mate. ...
— The Riddle of the Frozen Flame • Mary E. Hanshew

... house—it's mine, now—watchin' a hoptoad catch flies. You've seen a toad catch flies, haven't you, Mr. Fosdick? Mr. Toad sits there, lookin' half asleep and as pious and demure as a pickpocket at camp-meetin', until a fly comes along and gets too near. Then, Zip! out shoots about six inches of toad tongue and that fly's been asked in to dinner. Well, granddad and I sat lookin' at our particular toad when along came a bumble-bee and lighted on a honeysuckle blossom right in ...
— The Portygee • Joseph Crosby Lincoln

... Obadiah had given up his life for him, for Marion, and he was mad with a desire to wreak vengeance upon the murderers. The first man lay where he had fallen, with Obadiah's bullet through his back. The other two fired again as Nathaniel rushed down upon them. He heard the zip of one of the balls, which came so close that it stung ...
— The Courage of Captain Plum • James Oliver Curwood

... up one end of the net, and began to heave it into the boat. But at the first heave we heard a bullet zip-zipping past us on the water, followed by the faint report of a rifle. The men who had rowed ashore were shooting at us. At the next heave a second bullet went zipping past, perilously near. Charley took a turn around a pin and sat down. There were ...
— Tales of the Fish Patrol • Jack London

... and Zip Foster—yes!" agreed Bud, and his cousins knew he must be stirred to unusual depths of feeling to use this name. Zip Foster had not been mentioned in several weeks. The mysterious personage, on whom Bud called ...
— The Boy Ranchers on the Trail • Willard F. Baker

... "Let her zip!" said the Eminent Person. Without hesitation he dropped the card over. No slightest motion from either man, no relaxing of those interlocked eyes. A catching ...
— The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On • Eugene Manlove Rhodes

... over the knuckles, and though 'twas a glancing stroke it well nigh broke Robin's fingers, so that he could not easily raise his staff again. And while he was dancing about in pain and muttering a dust-covered oath, the other's staff came swinging through the cloud at one side—zip!—and struck him under the arm. Down went Robin as though he were a nine-pin—flat down into the dust of the road. But despite the pain he was bounding up again like an India rubber man to renew the ...
— Robin Hood • J. Walker McSpadden

... Zip! The line leaps out of the water. Another monster of the deep, whose conquest is necessary for the survival of the race of man, has been overcome. There he hangs, writhing on a hook! There he swings toward his triumphant foe, and the hand of the fisherman on the municipal ...
— A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago • Ben Hecht

... cup after a journey," I said. "Bucks you up! Puts a bit of zip into you. What I mean is, restores you, and so on, don't you know. I'll ...
— My Man Jeeves • P. G. Wodehouse

... she was any home-destroyer. That face of hers is too long and heavy for the front row of a song review. But she has plenty of zip to her get-up. After one glance ...
— The House of Torchy • Sewell Ford

... be installed in the system fonts folder. This is a standard Windows font, so should be present on most systems. To contact the scanner e-mail: magicjon@ic24.net INTRODUCTION This is the Plain Text version, see medma10h.txt or .zip for the HTML version with the ...
— Meditations • Marcus Aurelius

... one loose; across the plate it spread; Another hiss, another groan—"Strike one!" the umpire said. Zip! Like a shot, the second curve broke just below his knee— "Strike two!" the umpire roared aloud; but Casey made ...
— Poems Teachers Ask For • Various

... said this he gave his rod a strong jerk, that brought the line up with a "zip" out of the water in a long ridge, and the old bamboo cane bent until it cracked. At the same moment, about a hundred and fifty feet away, a splendid fish leaped high and clear out of the water with the line dangling from his mouth. Mr. McGrath had struck him fairly, and away he went across ...
— Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, October, 1877, Vol. XX. No. 118 • Various

... Indianapolis he left the Mastodons. He slipped away without farewells, and when his absence became known a gloom settled down on the company. Unconsciously the rosy-cheeked boy had become its inspiration. For weeks the performances lacked their customary zip and enthusiasm. ...
— Charles Frohman: Manager and Man • Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

... "Zip" Hurren, reporter on the Examiner, felt, on the day the managing editor called him into the sanctum, that fortune could smile on him no more brightly. ...
— The Einstein See-Saw • Miles John Breuer

... farther along to a place where the ditch was a little deeper, and we were screened by some bushes, but I think the General's red hat must have been marked down, because for the next hour we lay flat listening to the zip-zip of bullets ...
— Adventures of a Despatch Rider • W. H. L. Watson

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