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Disesteem  v. t.  (past & past part. disesteemed; pres. part. disesteeming)  
To feel an absence of esteem for; to regard with disfavor or slight contempt; to slight. "But if this sacred gift you disesteem." "Qualities which society does not disesteem."
To deprive of esteem; to bring into disrepute; to cause to be regarded with disfavor. (Obs.) "What fables have you vexed, what truth redeemed, Antiquities searched, opinions disesteemed?"

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"Disesteem" Quotes from Famous Books

... fortitude and valour. For fortitude distinguisheth of the grounds of quarrel whether they be just; and not only so, but whether they be worthy, and setteth a better price upon men's lives than to bestow them idly. Nay, it is weakness and disesteem of a man's self to put a man's life upon such liedger performances. A man's life is not to be trifled with: it is to be offered up and sacrificed to honourable services, public merits, good causes, and noble adventures. It is in expense of blood as it is in expense of money. It is no ...
— Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions - Vol. I • Charles Mackay

... if the gracious Princess Have took more special notice of your services, And means to be more thankfull than some others, It were an injury to gratitude, To disesteem her favours. ...
— The Laws of Candy - Beaumont & Fletcher's Works (3 of 10) • Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

... to what example he gives both in word and deed,—governors living, as in a theatre, in the midst of the world. If he does ill, even those who follow him in that, will not the less disesteem him. ...
— The Life of Columbus • Arthur Helps

... of the law charged with duties of the highest dignity and utmost gravity, and held in hereditary disesteem by a populace having a criminal ancestry. In some of the American States his functions are now performed by an electrician, as in New Jersey, where executions by electricity have recently been ordered—the first instance known ...
— The Devil's Dictionary • Ambrose Bierce

... of being other than mere lodgers in the houses of their ancestors, and have it not in their very composition to be proprietors of anything. These men are moved only by the mere effects of impulse: their good-will and disesteem are to be regarded equally, for neither is the effect of their judgment. This loose temper is that which makes a man, what Sallust so well remarks to happen frequently in the same person, to be covetous of what is another's, and profuse of what is his own. This sort of ...
— Isaac Bickerstaff • Richard Steele

... special, but which must be typical and pregnant—should at least try to give us, is a general sense of what, under various disguises, superiority has always signified and may still signify. The feeling for a good human job anywhere, the admiration of the really admirable, the disesteem of what is cheap and trashy and impermanent,—this is what we call the critical sense, the sense for ideal values. It is the better part of what men know as wisdom. Some of us are wise in this way naturally and by genius; some of us never become so. ...
— Memories and Studies • William James

... power, and expiate our guilt; 180 To this vast height and monstrous stature built, Lest through your gates received, it might renew Your vows to her, and her defence to you. But if this sacred gift you disesteem, Then cruel plagues (which Heaven divert on them!) Shall fall on Priam's state: but if the horse Your walls ascend, assisted by your force, A league 'gainst Greece all Asia shall contract; Our sons then suff'ring what ...
— Poetical Works of Edmund Waller and Sir John Denham • Edmund Waller; John Denham

... truth in these observations upon the eclipse of a once magical name applies with double force to that one of all Smollett's books which has sunk farthest in popular disesteem. Modern editors have gone to the length of excommunicating Smollett's Travels altogether from the fellowship of his Collective Works. Critic has followed critic in denouncing the book as that of a "splenetic" invalid. ...
— Travels Through France and Italy • Tobias Smollett

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