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Instigate  v. t.  (past & past part. instigated; pres. part. instigating)  To goad or urge forward; to set on; to provoke; to incite; used chiefly with reference to evil actions; as, to instigate one to a crime. "He hath only instigated his blackest agents to the very extent of their malignity."
Synonyms: To stimulate; urge; spur; provoke; tempt; incite; impel; encourage; animate.

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"Instigate" Quotes from Famous Books

... what great hurt and prejudice he and his religion had already received by reason of the said Luther's discourses, and also fearing that the same might bring further contempt and mischief upon himself and his church, he therefore to prevent the same, did fiercely stir up and instigate the Emperor then in being, viz. Rodolphus III. to make an edict through the whole empire, that all the foresaid printed books should be burned, and also that it should be death for any person to have or keep a copy thereof, but to ...
— Miscellanies upon Various Subjects • John Aubrey

... him. But Erasmus urged the Roman friends who were thus active in his behalf to cease their kind offices; he would accept nothing, he a man who lived from day to day in expectation of death and often hoping for it, who could hardly ever leave his room—would people instigate him to hunt for deaneries and cardinals' hats! He had subsistence enough to last him. He wanted to ...
— Erasmus and the Age of Reformation • Johan Huizinga

... themselves in their synagogue; and mothers were often seen throwing their children on the pile, to prevent their being baptized, and then precipitating themselves into the flames. In short, whatever deeds fanaticism, revenge, avarice, and desperation, in fearful combination, could instigate mankind to perform, were executed in 1349, throughout Germany, Italy, and France, with impunity and in the eyes of all the world. It seemed as if the plague gave rise to scandalous acts and frantic ...
— The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07 • Various

... keep you in your present condition until I have your most solemn assurance that you will neither go farther yourself nor instigate others to go farther with this ...
— The Crack of Doom • Robert Cromie

... mounted men, whom he called boundary riders, one an Irishman and the other a German—and them he trusted fully, the German altogether, and the Irishman equally as regarded his honesty. But he could not explain to them the thoughts that loaded his brain. He could instigate them to eagerness; but he could not condescend to tell Karl Bender, the German, that if his fences were destroyed neither his means nor his credit would be sufficient to put them up again, and that if the scanty herbage were burned off any large ...
— Harry Heathcote of Gangoil • Anthony Trollope

... all former obloquies he sustained from all sorts of opposers, he had one faithful and fervent wrestler on his side, Mr. Alexander Peden; and yet a little before his death, these reproachers so far prevailed with him as to instigate him to a declared opposition against Mr. Renwick, which not only contributed to grieve him much, but was also an occasion of stumbling to many[233] others of the well affected, and to the confirmation of his opposers. Yet nevertheless he proceeded ...
— Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies) • John Howie

... plays, assemblies, and such numerous idle parties of various descriptions? I must stop; the subject is great, and we have many excellent treatises on the various parts of it, by able, pious men. It would be improper to crowd it thus into a letter, unless to instigate to further investigation. ...
— The Power of Faith - Exemplified In The Life And Writings Of The Late Mrs. Isabella Graham. • Isabella Graham

... 1898, President Snow, if he did not instigate, at least authorized the candidacy of Brigham H. Roberts for Congress—a polygamist who had been threatened with excommunication for his opposition to the "political manifesto" of 1896 and who had recanted and made his peace ...
— Under the Prophet in Utah - The National Menace of a Political Priestcraft • Frank J. Cannon and Harvey J. O'Higgins

... If you want to instigate the art of manslaughter just shut two men up in a eighteen by twenty-foot cabin for a month. ...
— Heart of the West • O. Henry

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