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Chemical action   /kˈɛməkəl ˈækʃən/   Listen
Chemical action

(chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved.  Synonyms: chemical change, chemical process.

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"Chemical action" Quotes from Famous Books

... Daguerre. Louis Jacques Daguerre, a French painter, one of the inventors of the daguerreotype process, by means of which an image is fixed on a metal plate by the chemical action of light.] ...
— Essays • Ralph Waldo Emerson

... are as indefinite as Hodge's "piece of chalk" as regards size. The professor defined a poison as "any substance which otherwise than by the agency of heat or electricity is capable of destroying life, either by chemical action on the tissues of the living body or by physiological action by absorption into the living system." This definition excepted from the list of poisons all agencies that destroyed life by a simple mechanical action, thus drawing a distinction between a "poison" and a "destructive thing." ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 643, April 28, 1888 • Various

... then rapidly slid in and out several times, until the liquid flows off in one continuous and even sheet of liquid; and this also has a beneficial effect in washing off any little particles of collodion, dust, oxide, or any foreign matter which, if adherent, would form centres of chemical action, and cause spottiness ...
— Notes and Queries, No. 181, April 16, 1853 • Various

... the swollen, fluffy, digestible grain. Were it not for the chemical changes brought about by heat, many of our present foods would be useless to man. Hundreds of common materials like glass, rubber, iron, aluminum, etc., are manufactured by processes which involve chemical action caused by heat. ...
— General Science • Bertha M. Clark

... haste to disclaim such a weakness). No, no, no. Not love: we know better than that. Let's call it chemistry. You can't deny that there is such a thing as chemical action, chemical affinity, chemical combination—-the most irresistible of all natural forces. ...
— You Never Can Tell • [George] Bernard Shaw

... centuries, and have faded and altered. The colors on the walls of the historic rooms of European palaces have greatly altered. The flat reds and the deadish blues of the Pompeiian frescoes have been altered by chemical action during the 1,850 years' burial under the lava of Vesuvius. We are not justified in judging of the colors of A.D. 79 by the restoration-examples in 1900. Hence the mere expressions Pompeiian red, Pompeiian blue, can convey no definite, ...
— Color Value • C. R. Clifford

... the constituents of the atmosphere by the electric spark, which are now objects of anxious enquiry to natural philosophers; yet none of them have any doubt that the electric smell is the result of a physical or chemical action of the spark, by which either the air is decomposed, or fine portions of metal carried ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 57, No. 352, February 1845 • Various

... found in the formation, would be attributed to dense forest growths, acted upon, after death, in a similar manner to that which awaited the vegetation which, ages after, went to form beds of coal. At present we know of no source of carbon except through the intervention and the chemical action of plants. Like iron, carbon is seldom found on the earth except in combination. If there were no growth of vegetation at this far-away period to give rise to these deposits of graphite, we are compelled to ask ourselves whether, ...
— The Story of a Piece of Coal - What It Is, Whence It Comes, and Whither It Goes • Edward A. Martin

... chemical action, retarding it greatly in exothermic actions, speeding greatly endothermic actions," answered X-6221, the greatest of the chemist-investigators. "The system we do not know. Their minds cannot be read, they cannot be restored to life, so we ...
— The Last Evolution • John Wood Campbell

... enters the battery, the Pb3O4 on the positive plate is reduced to Pb, and the oxygen so set free attacks the Pb3O4 on the negative plate, and oxidizes it to PbO2. In this chemical action, caloric is occluded in the Pb and unlocked in the PbO2, but a much greater amount of caloric is locked up than is unlocked, although the amount of oxygen used in both cases is precisely the same, which has been fully explained in ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 312, December 24, 1881 • Various

... & Q.," No. 153., p. 320., your valued correspondent DR. DIAMOND states "that up to the final period of the operation, no washing of the plate is requisite. It prevents, rather than assists, the necessary chemical action.". ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 185, May 14, 1853 • Various

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