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Fire up   /fˈaɪər əp/   Listen
Fire up

Arouse or excite feelings and passions.  Synonyms: heat, ignite, inflame, stir up, wake.  "The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world" , "Wake old feelings of hatred"
Begin to smoke.  Synonyms: light, light up.

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"Fire up" Quotes from Famous Books

... and chairs was fastened down to the floor, and the closets was made with holes to set the casters and the decanters and bottles in, jest's they be at sea; and there was stanchions to hold on by; and they say that blowy nights the cap'n used to fire up pretty well with his grog, till he hed about all he could carry, and then he'd set and hold on, and hear the wind blow, and kind o' feel out to sea right there to hum. There wasn't no Mis' Cap'n Brown, and there didn't seem likely to be none. And whether there ever hed been one, ...
— Oldtown Fireside Stories • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... calm, but unusually warm. We slept by a fire just in front of the blacks' camp; they were very attentive in bringing us firewood and keeping the fire up during ...
— Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia • William John Wills

... paused a moment here to puff hard at his pipe, which, however, had gone out beyond recall without the assistance of a match; and in the deep silence, which testified to the genuine interest of his listeners, someone poked the fire up into a little blaze, and one or two others glanced over their shoulders into the dark distances of the ...
— The Empty House And Other Ghost Stories • Algernon Blackwood

... early friends were not so much at fault. Livingstone was somewhat slow of maturing. If we may say so, his intellect hung fire up to this very time, and it was only during his last year in England that he came to his intellectual manhood, and showed his real power. His very handwriting shows the change; from being cramped and feeble it suddenly becomes clear, firm, and upright, very neat, but quite the hand of ...
— The Personal Life Of David Livingstone • William Garden Blaikie

... see a fire up on the point of land and hear the loud voices of the three blacks disputing over various things—evidently they were a noisy crowd, and the prospects for a quiet night did not loom up very brilliantly. Maurice listened and ...
— The House Boat Boys • St. George Rathborne

... can't get enough, we can cut chips off, and we will pile them all where these three big boughs branch off from the trunk. We have both our tinderboxes with us, and I see no reason why we should not be able to light a fire up here." ...
— A Jacobite Exile - Being the Adventures of a Young Englishman in the Service of Charles the Twelfth of Sweden • G. A. Henty

... first, and savoring of the shop; but they are useful and handy, and we cannot do without them. They rivet, they forge, they coin, they "fire up," "brake up," "switch off," "prospect," "shin" for us when we are "short," "post up" our books, and finally ourselves, "strike a lead," "follow a trail," "stand up to the rack," "dicker," "swap," and "peddle." They are "whole teams" beside the "one-horse" ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Volume 6, No. 38, December, 1860 • Various

... patient, gentle-spoken sort of woman, and would bear a good deal from a fellow; but she used to fire up sometimes, and that was more than she could stand. "You don't deserve to be cared about, for speaking like that!" says she, with her ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 121, November, 1867 • Various

... "See that brush fire up there?" The hermit pointed to the hillside. "If we steep ourselves in that smoke until we choke, I think it will discourage any fleas that may have harbored on us. The flea is ...
— The Unspeakable Perk • Samuel Hopkins Adams

... that himself is not so; which is Mark Antony. He will to his Egyptian dish again: then shall the sighs of Octavia blow the fire up in Caesar; and, as I said before, that which is the strength of their amity shall prove the immediate author of their variance. Antony will use his affection where it is: he ...
— Antony and Cleopatra • William Shakespeare [Collins edition]

... 12. Slowly and sadly we laid him down. 13. Into the valley of death rode the six hundred. 14. So died the great Columbus of the skies. 15. Aeneas did, from the flames of Troy, upon his shoulders, the old Anchises bear. 16. Such a heart in the breast of my people beats. 17. The great fire up the deep and wide chimney roared. 18. Ease and grace in writing are, of all the acquisitions made in school, ...
— Graded Lessons in English • Alonzo Reed and Brainerd Kellogg

... "Fire up quick, Frank, we're most frozen! And get some hot water!" Sherm exclaimed, suiting the action to the word by stirring up the coals of the dying fire and ...
— Chicken Little Jane on the Big John • Lily Munsell Ritchie

... he probably finds that it keeps away custom and interferes with business. It is the most convincing inanimate object in all this part of the world, perhaps. Dan and I were roommates in all that long "Quaker City" voyage, and whenever I desired to have a little season of privacy I used to fire up on that pipe and persuade Dan to go out; and he seldom waited to change his clothes, either. In about a quarter, or from that to three-quarters of a minute, he would be propping up the smoke-stack on the upper deck ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... still found here, and a few years ago elephants abounded, but they have lately all disappeared. We found some heaps of dung, which seemed to be that of elephants, and some tracks of the rhinoceros, but saw none of the animals. However, we kept a fire up all night in case any of these creatures should visit us, and two of our men declared that they did one day see a rhinoceros. When our rice was finished, and our boxes full of specimens, we returned to Ayer-Panas, and a few days afterwards went on to Malacca, and thence to Singapore. Mount ...
— The Malay Archipelago - Volume I. (of II.) • Alfred Russel Wallace

Words linked to "Fire up" :   elicit, evoke, arouse, provoke, raise, smoke, kindle, light, enkindle, fire, ferment

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