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Pooh-pooh   /pu-pu/   Listen

Express contempt about.
Reject with contempt.  Synonyms: disdain, freeze off, reject, scorn, spurn, turn down.

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"Pooh-pooh" Quotes from Famous Books

... ill-natured and exceedingly stupid. Book clerks don't read them much: for that would be like working overtime. Business men infrequently have time for such nonsense. University professors are inclined to pooh-pooh them as things beneath them. Still somebody must read them, as publishers pay for them with their advertising. No publishers' advertising, no book reviews, is the policy of nearly every newspaper; and the reviews are generally ...
— Walking-Stick Papers • Robert Cortes Holliday

... very sagacious person has said that "where two men ride of a horse one must ride behind"—we can yet, perhaps, do something to correct those methods and influences that lead to enormous inequalities, and to prevent their growing more enormous. It is all very well to pooh-pooh Mr. George and to prove him mistaken in his political economy. I do not believe that land should be divided because the quantity of it is limited by nature. Of what may this not be said? A fortiori, we might on the same principle insist on a division of human wit, for I have observed that ...
— Harvard Classics Volume 28 - Essays English and American • Various

... felt tempted to confide her suspicions to Winifrede, but her courage never rose to the required point. She had an instinct that the head girl would pooh-pooh the whole matter, and either call her a ridiculous child, or be rather angry with her for harbouring such ideas about her house mistress. Winifrede liked to lead, and was never very ready to adopt other people's opinions; it was improbable that she would ...
— A Patriotic Schoolgirl • Angela Brazil

... iconoclastic of ages. There are sane people alive today going quietly about their business who deny the very existence of consciousness. These heretics of course pooh-pooh absolutely the lions of metaphysics. On the other hand, it may be pointed out to our mechanists who believe in mechanism to the bitter end, that even if man can be described entirely as a mere transformer of energy, there is no reason why he cannot also be described as a transformer ...
— The Glands Regulating Personality • Louis Berman, M.D.

... early in December—a few weeks only after he had been ordained. He had taken a great deal of pains with his sermon, which was on the subject of geology—then coming to the fore as a theological bugbear. He showed that so far as geology was worth anything at all—and he was too liberal entirely to pooh-pooh it—it confirmed the absolutely historical character of the Mosaic account of the Creation as given in Genesis. Any phenomena which at first sight appeared to make against this view were only partial phenomena and broke down upon investigation. Nothing could be in more excellent ...
— The Way of All Flesh • Samuel Butler

... brought to an issue that very evening in Synesius's sitting-room. Majoricus, in his blunt, soldierlike way, set Raphael and Augustine at each other without circumlocution; and Raphael, after trying to smile and pooh-pooh away the subject, was tempted to make a jest on a seeming fallacious conceit of Augustine's—found it more difficult than he thought to trip up the serious and wary logician, lost his temper a little—a sign, perhaps, of returning health in a sceptic—and soon found himself fighting desperately, ...
— Hypatia - or, New Foes with an Old Face • Charles Kingsley

... eloquent in praise of the very dull old days which have long since passed away, And convince 'em if you can, that the reign of good Queen Anne was Culture's palmiest day. Of course you will pooh-pooh whatever's fresh and new, and declare it's crude and mean, And that art stopped short in the cultivated court of the Empress Josephine, And everyone will say, As you walk your mystic way, "If that's not good enough for him which is good enough for me, Why, what a ...
— Bab Ballads and Savoy Songs • W. S. Gilbert

... myself Like all timid persons, he took refuge in a moody silence Others found delight in the most ordinary amusements Sensitiveness and disposition to self-blame Women: they are more bitter than death Yield to their customs, and not pooh-pooh their amusements You must be pleased with yourself—that ...
— Widger's Quotations from The Immortals of the French Academy • David Widger

Words linked to "Pooh-pooh" :   snub, utter, express, refuse, disdain, repel, rebuff, pass up, decline, turn away, verbalise, give tongue to, verbalize

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