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Push back   /pʊʃ bæk/   Listen
Push back

Cause to move back by force or influence.  Synonyms: beat back, drive, force back, repel, repulse.  "Push back the urge to smoke" , "Beat back the invaders"

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"Push back" Quotes from Famous Books

... for the present over, I now desired Bob to push back the companion slide, leaving the doors still closed however, and go below and get a mouthful of something to eat, as I did not know what call might yet be made upon our energies; and it was desirable that we should not allow ourselves to become exhausted ...
— For Treasure Bound • Harry Collingwood

... matter, for the grain is ripe then, but now, when it is green, it is sure death to it all. I turn sick in my stomich, and I turn round and see Norinne stan' hin the door, all white, and she make her hand go as that, like she push back that ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... little body, and made his way to the couch where he deposited it gently among the stiff red pillows there. Then he began to chafe her hands, to push back the tumbled hair from which the fur hat had been displaced, and finally fallen off, and to ...
— Outside Inn • Ethel M. Kelley

... make the plates of a condenser larger, keeping the separation between them the same, it means more space in the waiting-rooms and hence less crowding. You know that the more crowded the electrons become the more they push back against any other electron which some battery is trying to force into their waiting-room, that is the higher the e. m. f. of ...
— Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son • John Mills

... her stern. Drusus had no time to ask of himself or Antonius the special object of this last burst of speed. He only knew that he was flinging every pound of strength into the heavy handle of his oar, and that his life depended on making the broad blade push back the water as rapidly as possible. Antonius, however, had had good cause for his command. A searching scrutiny had revealed to him that a single very long warehouse ran clear down to the river's edge, and ...
— A Friend of Caesar - A Tale of the Fall of the Roman Republic. Time, 50-47 B.C. • William Stearns Davis

... to bend down, for she was almost past speech; then raising both hands she tried to push back my hat. I flung it aside, and she passed her hands over my hair again and again, and drew her thin fingers, from whose touch I did not shrink now, through the curling rings about my forehead and temples; then her lips moved, ...
— Uncle Rutherford's Nieces - A Story for Girls • Joanna H. Mathews

... execute this promptly, the operator is required to forget his textbook anatomy and memorize the schema (Fig. 105). The larynx and trachea are steadied by the thumb and middle finger of the left hand, which at the same time push back the important nerves and vessels which parallel the trachea, and render the central safety line more prominent (Fig. 106). A long incision is now made from the thyroid notch almost to the suprasternal notch, and deep enough to reach the trachea. ...
— Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy - A Manual of Peroral Endoscopy and Laryngeal Surgery • Chevalier Jackson

... Berlin and the uninformed scoffings at the British Army and its futile efforts to push back the troops of Rupprecht on the Somme. Yet here on the actual outskirts of the German capital was a grim tribute to the machine that Great Britain had built up under ...
— The Land of Deepening Shadow - Germany-at-War • D. Thomas Curtin

... and contempt upon the woman who through her love for some man has gone down to destruction, do not smilingly acknowledge her paramour a worthy suitor for your own unsullied daughter. Maiden, if you must sneeringly raise your white hand and push back into the depths of pollution the woman who seeks to reinstate herself in the path of rectitude, do not permit the man who keeps half a dozen mistresses to clasp his arm around your waist and whirl you away to the soft measure of the "Beautiful Blue ...
— Debris - Selections from Poems • Madge Morris

... 2. To push back small parties of the enemy and prevent their observing, firing upon or delaying the ...
— Manual of Military Training - Second, Revised Edition • James A. Moss

... Lannes to cross the Laber and circumvent the enemy. Davout, having learned the direction of the Austrian charge, threw himself against the hostile columns on their right, and after a stubborn resistance began to push back the dogged foe. In less than two hours the French right, left, and center were all advancing, and the enemy were steadily retreating, but fighting fiercely as they withdrew. This continued until seven in the evening, when Lannes finally accomplished ...
— The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte - Vol. III. (of IV.) • William Milligan Sloane

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